PC Moldova

Training Day
first quest, training

Dear Corvine,

I think that I have made a massive mistake. Today I met my squad for the first time and there is not a one of us, regretfully myself included, who demonstrated anything resembling competence during the course of our training mission. Thankfully, when all was said and done we did pass, with only one civilian casualty to count against us, but still our showing was quite frankly embarrassing.

Our task was a simple one, find the abandoned watch tower and reclaim a planted ruby, just one rule don’t hurt anyone. Easy right?

Well we started off horribly… wandering around lost in the wilderness for hours before I happened to remember a passage from that ponderous “A History of the Founding of Ruby City” which helped point us in the right direction. Even so we nearly lost our way several more times before we saw the tower rising in the distance. Once we sighted the tower, I was optimistic that despite the rocky beginning we would soon complete our task.

Naturally, the tower as guarded, though just by a lone sentry, and since we had been forbidden from using violence we decided to try to talk our way in. What a disaster! Myself and the Paladin had nearly convinced the guard to that we were there to relieve him, when the Monk made a tactless comment about chairs that set him off… next thing I knew our fearless leader had the poor man in a headlock and was doing his best to choke him out. I was so frustrated by this display of buffoonery that I quite lost my head and tried to kick down the door. I think I broke a toe, and certainly didn’t move the door. Happily, our monk is better at kicking than sweet talking and was able to force the door. Upon seeing this the poor half-smothered guard declared himself to be done with us and stormed off in a huff. Can’t say I blame him really… we had been told it was a non-violent training mission.

Things went a bit more smoothly after that, with my comrades rapidly solving the riddle of the missing key’s location. Having never been a fan of riddles I chose to sit down and enjoy a nip from my flask while they ran about, plus my foot was still sore from my earlier experience with the door.

Our misfortunes were not at an end, however. Upon opening the door we discovered that a pack of Kobolds had burrowed into the ruby’s holding room and were in the process of absconding with OUR prize. Happily in this instance our fearless leader was able to channel his perchance for violence upon an appropriate target and most of them found themselves consumed by dragon flame before they could even react. Really, after that it was mostly mop up with the survivors fleeing in abject terror. I played only a small role in the skirmish, electrocuting a knave before he could run off with our ruby.

Naturally we received high marks for decisively dealing with a real threat, a impressive enough accomplishment that the training master was willing to overlook our inability to adhere to the no violence rule. I suppose that I should not be too hard upon us, after all it was our first mission and it did all turn out alright again in the end. In any event, I have to wash up for the celebratory feast they are throwing in our honor. Our first real day as guild members begins tomorrow.

Take care of the University for me,

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